From times immemorial men have tried to do something different. 99% of attempts failed and only 1% of the attempts were successful. Needless to say that 1% made all the difference in our lives in the course of evolution.
Why am I speaking about this today? The reason behind this depresses me to a great extent. And perhaps this reason compelled me to use my keyboard again for the blog. The hiatus in between was not predetermined. It happened as the period in between had enormous upheavals. I got busy with other aspects of life and as well as developing other dimensions of myself. If you have been my reader, you would be knowing that I don’t write until I seriously feel about something. And today I felt, and I felt deeply.

While teaching today I observed a student of mine lost in her thoughts. She is not a very bright student as far as her academics are concerned and that’s why I decided to break her reverie and pull her attention back into the class. My attempt to rescue her fell on deaf ears and she chose to keep mum looking into oblivion.

I rested my case after a failed attempt but the psychology disturbed me. What I felt is that she has created a fence around her mind and has accepted that she can not do much in her studies. She has kind of branded herself as a weak student and she doesn’t even want to try to improve herself.

This is the case with most of us. We create an impregnable fence and limit our zone of effort within that area. We assume that we cannot do something great. And to make it worse we don’t even try to surpass the boundaries we have created for ourselves.

The strangeness of human life is that it manifests what a human brain thinks. And so it is important to think and stay positive. It is important to sail over the rough waters and be the proud Captain of your own life. It is important to break the shackles which you have put around your feet.  And all of these can be done only if you know how to challenge yourself to venture into the unknown and reimagine yourself from a completely different perspective.

So ‘CHALLENGE YOURSELF’ is the key to a better and more meaningful life. Think about it…