Which one is better? A candle burning brighter but faster or a candle which gives less light but burns longer.

I feel it is a personal choice. Both have their own merits and demerits. And the discussion can go on forever.It’s something like, you consume life or the life consumes you. If you notice around, you’ll observe that most of us are just trying to fill in the gaps between our requirements. The gaps may be big as in love, social and family bindings or even as trivial as the financial matters.
This is what I phrase as the life consuming you. This way you will certainly live longer and may be happier, constricting your life in a cucoon and protecting yourself and the loved ones from the outside hideous world.
But somehow I feel that this should not satisfy you. The day you stop breathing will be the last day when you will be cared for. Remember no body becomes great by educating themselves. Greatness comes from the other unknown thing in you. You need to search, polish and showcase that unknown thing to the outer world. Education is important and it is as necessary as drinking water or eating food. But it should not be done only for the purpose of settling yourself in the materialistic world. Look beyond that and undoubtedly you will see the greener pastures ahead.

So my dear friends I have made my choice and would suggest you to do the same. Burning brighter or longer. The choice has to be yours.
Coming ahead, one of my new experiments in story writing…

A semierotic thriller of crime and deception in December, 2017


Recently one of my students asked, sir have you started a blog. “You write? Wow! Don’t worry sir I will read and post my comments.”

Friends choicest greetings of Diwali. I don’t know whether any of you were waiting for my post or not. But the statement above really knocked me down for few days and finally I felt that I should share my feelings with you all. It shook me from within. There were number of things which really hit me hard. First of all his “You write?” convinced me that he did not have even an iota of confidence that I could write. (I myself doubt.) Secondly his “wow” convinced me further that writing is something very rare and could be done only by the selected few. (And I was certainly not one of them). His “don’t worry sir, I will read and post my comments”, was the most depressing. It was not difficult for me to understand, that all in good faith, he wanted me to try something else other than writing.

To give you an insight of our conversation further, he became very verbal trying to convince me to stop writing and make some videos and upload them on the video sharing sites. He felt that it was the latest thing in vouge. My numerous attempts to make him understand, the real purpose went in vain. I tried my level best to make it clear to him that I was using the platform only to share some of my feelings, my lows and my highs. But he kept on insisting on one point. The basic question forwarded by him again and again was that “WHO READS?”

But now, up to an extent, I agree with him. Really now “WHO READS?” Most of us don’t even have patience to read messages, forget about reading any literature or mythology. With the changing times, reading is really becoming a lost art.

Though not long back, it was considered as a part of necessary self education as it was the only medium though which you could enhance imagination. And no doubt imagination was and still is the stepping stone for great inventions and discoveries.

Cutting it short, dear friends continue reading. Read where ever and whatever you can. Subconsciously it will work wonders and you will be able to imagine your ways, your solutions and your goals.

Coming finally to CORPORATE, it was conceived as a novel and then I decided to convert it into a small story. Thus it has become a roller coaster ride. I hope you like it. While writing the basic idea in my mind was to entertain you. Entertain you through reading….

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29th September 2017

First of all let me make this clear…

Apart from navratri, nothing special is there today for you. But for me, the story is bit different.

These questions are pounding me since a long time. And I know many of you of the new gen x may not relate to it.

The questions are:

Am I ever going to be great? And if not then why? Have I explored myself completely? Do I know myself?

I get innumerable answers to these questions. When I sit and reflect on it, I realise that I made number of mistakes in the process of growing up. These mistakes were not at all related to the material life, but to the thought processes going on in my mind. 

One of the biggest mistakes which I made was to live life in short durations. As a student I lived from one exams to another. And as an adult again, it was constricted from one pay cheque to another. 

May be being a teacher by profession prohibits me from keeping my mind and mouth shut. But as many of you have been my students and others my dear friends, so I felt like speaking. I felt I have judged you umpteen times but this time I wanted vice versa. I want you to judge me in a completely different perspective. A perspective which is a part of my new growing up. 

As I close, I would like you all to think about making bigger goals. Think about how many lives have you affected? How many think about you positively?

Judge me for KICK and send me your honest opinion. It is a separate page in the menu. Feel free to share your thoughts about anything.


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Another Failure!!!

Nothing in life comes easy. And I dont think that there is any better soul than me to prove this.
Don’t know why but right from the very beginning I had to struggle in every aspect to gain the material successes in life.

May be that’s why when success comes, it smells so sweet. Any how, now got to gear up for the same battle to be fought once again.