It is all about, going out of the box and pushing yourself to be closer to the goal.

The trait is inborn. I have a view on almost everything. But it is a not a unique trait. Everybody is the same. The problem is we all shout but rarely hear. The super egoistic approach in life prohibits us from doing so. So, I decided to force my views on you, but with a slight change in the methodology.

The blog has been providing and will continue to be the platform to present my views to the thinkers. At least, I will try to provide a substantial food for reflection. I suggest my peers and students to reflect on them and opine freely. The HOME page in the top menu will take you there.

I am your ever willing listener. Listener of your views.

Story telling is a revelation in me. My idea of story writing is not about literature. The stories have been written with a single purpose and that is to entertain you. Entertain you through reading. I try to put in all the spices of storytelling into a thrilling read so that you get entertained and have an exciting interlude in your hectic and tiring life. The Samyantak page in the top menu will take you there.