Many a times I wonder what is so happy about the new year, which comes every year. The euphoria remains for a day or two and then slowly subsides into oblivion without a trace. What is left behind is a pile of memories and that also on the slipping sands of time. It goes on fading, on and on with every passing new, ‘new year’ .

Sorry for sounding pessimistic, but does the new year really matter?

So what should be the ecstasy about?

Last night as the clock struck twelve and I saw people dancing all around me, I was standing stiff and still, thinking that should I dance only because of the beat of the music or do I have even one solid reason to bear the pain which erupts inside me when my body becomes physically hyper and active.

The party got over and I did not dance. I kept trying to find a rock solid reason to shake my legs.
Finally I laid down my arms and sat down at one corner thinking about the past year. I tried to count my achievements in the previous year. I felt that even one would be worthy enough to make me get up from my seat.
On the professional front, I did whatever I was supposed to, to the best of my efforts. Nothing worth mentioning. And then I remembered, there were two distinct cases where I could pat myself for doing something out of the way. Without going into details, two poor souls were in distress. I simply gave them a helping hand and tried to pull their spirits up. I was successful upto an extent and very soon they were able to overcome the tough tide in their lives. I felt that it was a valid reason enough for me to get up and shrug off the lethargic mode, I was in. But sadly by that time party was long over and I started walking towards my nest.

So this long post was only to make you think about your achievements. They may be professional or personal or social. When you count them, you are going to feel uplifted and mind my words, ‘that is damn important’.

It gives you a reason to smile, a reason to feel important and overall a reason to be happy.

Failures and discontentment are inevitable parts of our life. At those times stand in front of the mirror. Observe the person. The person there is a human. He/she has done number of things which at times seemed far fetched. This person has faced criticism and rough weather earlier too.

Falling down is nothing new for this human, and he/she knows that he/she can get up too. He/she has the capability to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. Nothing can stop this human from fighting the adversaries of life.
In his/her heart the human in the mirror knows, what is right and what is wrong. He/she is superior to many other human beings as though he/she does not possess the ability to control his/her feelings but he/she knows how to control his/her actions. And this human has surely heard the old saying “TOUGH TIMES DONT LAST BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO”.

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