Dear friends,
Lately I realised, I had been suffering from a strange syndrome. I always felt, I was right.
I was right in my opinions, I was right in my actions. I was right everywhere.
Slowly I started transcending the realms of God.  “To err is human” , I had heard somewhere and I realised that I don’t err. So quod erat demonstrandum (“that which was to be demonstrated”). I got the feeling “I AM THE GOD.”
I lived in this fallacy for some time and then I felt that I was not the only GOD available in flesh and blood. Even in Godship I had tough competition to face.
All around me were Gods. Each one living in their own hallucinatory world and surprisingly getting their own set of admirers and followers.
This realisation was an eye opener for me. My super ego was crushed like a nut under a shoe. And trust me, it was hurting.
So I decided to begin a quest. Quest for a TRUE HUMAN BEING. One who makes mistakes, realises, accepts and then tries to rectify it.
I started with the octagenarians. Then I understood the futility of making them understand my point. They feel, their immense experience  had shown them every shade of life. And thus their views are undoubtedly correct.
The middle aged felt godly even more. Controlling the lives of their family and children had inculcated the belief that they can control the ups and downs of life.
The youngsters felt that the world was at their knees. With the power of their youth they could pull the mighty mountains down. According to them, their views were most important as they were going to form the future society.
The condition of the teenagers was the most pathetic. With their sunglasses everything seemed coloured to them. To my utter surprise, the grass was greener to them than to me. They all were recklessly busy in building their own cocoons. I felt that this category was selfish and self centred to the core and hardly cared for anything. Neither did they care about the sacrifices made by their earlier generation nor did they worry about the forthcoming hardships in their own life. Everything was damn easy for them. Their faith in the magic world was unfathomable. According to them, one of the easiest task was to gain materialistic success in life. It could be gained without any hard work and dedication. Looking at their easy approach gave me goosebumps. (Sorry for my blatant opinion.)
I decided to leave the category of children. Children were either crushed or pampered. Both of these were going to hide the true human nature in them.
So ultimately my quest ended like a damp squib. My search did not yield any results and I decided to move on.
In the process, I understood one thing. The idea here is just to cross that one point to you. Let us understand each other better. Your relation with everyone around you is important. Be it with your parents, your colleagues, your friends, your neighbours and even your children.
So don’t be very verbal especially about sensitive issues which may be hurting to someone. Don’t reveal your feelings to everyone. In your Godliness, don’t forget to consider the humane factor. Keep your ego and self centeredness away from you for a while and check the serenity of life. Trust me once again, you will not repent taking my advice. Invest in relations and be humane.

Alongside, I am posting the second episode of SAMYANTAK. It is a series especially for young readers, but then also I try to keep the thrill factor at its peak, so that even grownups enjoy reading it. Your feedback about it is valuable. Please don’t shy away from sharing. 

My email:  Twitter handle: @avispum_avishek


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