“In protest we are all removing our profile pics for a day…
A 4 year old girl ,a student of ******** School has been raped by two male teachers
U too please remove your profile pic from WhatsApp.
Spread this message among your friends and relatives.”

I got this message on my WhatsApp…
I did not understand one thing.
Why are we supposed to remove our profile pics? There may be few reasons…
1. We are responsible for the deed, and are ashamed to show our faces?
2. Somebody got this insane idea to propagate a meaningless act of removing profile pics on the name of protest. And we are simply following and forwarding the message. Next day our pics will be restored and everything conveniently forgotten.
3. We have forgotten the real purpose of protest.
I personally feel there are two things which can be done now.
The easier way…
1. Think about the degrading moral values and curse the government.

The tougher way ( multi step – long process)
1. Address your protest at proper grievance addressel centre (PMO app- so the action is taken to prevent such deeds in future.)
2. Crime is a crime and not an ideology, which we need to favour or protest against. First of all the crime should be prevented from happening . And if it happens then the criminals should be punished appropriately and in time. If you want to protest then protest against the system which allowed this crime to happen. How teachers responsible for the heinous acts were able to isolate the child in a school? That indicates that the working system of the school had flaws in it.
3. Protest against the mindset of parents who think bigger buildings, bigger management and bigger names associated with the organisation means bigger and better education for their children.
4. Protest against the mindset of the people who think that nothing bad can happen to them. So they comment as an outsider but never visualize themselves in the same situation. They never feel the pain of the victim but discuss it freely thus antagonizing the victim all the more.
5. Protest against the machinery which allows such systems to work. On what grounds the boards go on giving affiliation to schools? And why certificates still work as the only criterion for the selection of candidates in all fields?

Answers to these questions are very far-fetched. The question still persists…
No. We will protest by taking care that first of all we don’t face the same situation. Secondly when we come to positions where our choice will matter as life and death to many, then we will not prioritize our personal gains and jeopardize the well being of others. And most importantly EDUCATE EDUCATE AND EDUCATE everybody around us to be more sensitive to such issues. Remember the real problem was the thoughts of the culprits…
1. They lusted for a 4 year old child???
2. Though they were teachers, they could not keep control on themselves.
3. Though they were qualified but could not judge the aftermath or the results of their crime.
4. More than one culprits, means more and more are becoming thoughtless perverts.

So friends in my personal opinion let the law take its own course and punish the culprits. We should try and educate people around us to judge correctly and see the difference between the good and the bad.
( It’s my personal opinion)


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