Which one is better? A candle burning brighter but faster or a candle which gives less light but burns longer.

I feel it is a personal choice. Both have their own merits and demerits. And the discussion can go on forever.It’s something like, you consume life or the life consumes you. If you notice around, you’ll observe that most of us are just trying to fill in the gaps between our requirements. The gaps may be big as in love, social and family bindings or even as trivial as the financial matters.
This is what I phrase as the life consuming you. This way you will certainly live longer and may be happier, constricting your life in a cucoon and protecting yourself and the loved ones from the outside hideous world.
But somehow I feel that this should not satisfy you. The day you stop breathing will be the last day when you will be cared for. Remember no body becomes great by educating themselves. Greatness comes from the other unknown thing in you. You need to search, polish and showcase that unknown thing to the outer world. Education is important and it is as necessary as drinking water or eating food. But it should not be done only for the purpose of settling yourself in the materialistic world. Look beyond that and undoubtedly you will see the greener pastures ahead.

So my dear friends I have made my choice and would suggest you to do the same. Burning brighter or longer. The choice has to be yours.
Coming ahead, one of my new experiments in story writing…

A semierotic thriller of crime and deception in December, 2017

2 thoughts on “CANDLE

  1. Mindblowing….. extremely unimaginable …..complex plans and situations very intelligently threaded into a thrilling loop.
    Excellent work….your hold on tactful words and the ability to play with complex ideas makes you a distinguished writer. Keep walking ahead and the voracious readers will follow you.


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